Beyond Search and Rescue

Most people recognize one thing Kitsap WESAR does from our name: search and rescue. While searching for the lost and rescuing the injured is the most visible part of our mission, most people never see the impacts of our other goals as a non-profit organization. Below we discuss two other aspects of our organizational mission.

Youth Public Service and Leadership

Unlike many other search and rescue organizations, ours is youth-based, with members eligible to start training at just 14 years old. This allows young people in our community to get involved in public service, provides them with valuable training and life experience, and helps develop strong leadership skills. After their first year of training, certified youth members are eligible to train as search team leaders (managing a team of searchers) and subsequently as field leaders (managing multiple teams in the field). In fact, youth members get priority over adult members in training for leadership positions.

Between search missions and training events, we work hard to ensure we are ready for the next one and, as on missions, this isn’t the sole responsibility of adult members. Our board of directors includes youth members who have as much say in decisions as the adult members. Many of our youth members use their search and rescue experience to earn scholarships, get accepted to university, and to enter careers in public service.

Public Education and Outdoor Stewardship

Kitsap WESAR participates in public outreach events to promote the safe enjoyment of outdoor recreational activities. Our members have provided training to schools, mycological societies, Boy Scouts, and other community organizations about being prepared for outdoor activities, how to avoid getting lost, and how to increase your chances of being found if you do become lost. If you are interested in having us present to your organization, please contact us.

How You Can Help

Kitsap WESAR is a registered non-profit organization comprised entirely of volunteers and relies solely on donations for funding. We are proud to serve our community, including in ways the public rarely sees. If you would like to support the work we do, please join us in our mission “So Others May Live” and donate today.

Want to spread the word and increase the impact of your donation? Consider becoming a fundraiser for us using Facebook.

We appreciate your commitment to our mission and thank you for your support.

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