Over the course of six months, new trainees will learn the skills and equipment they need to be a search and rescue responder. We teach map and compass, search types and tactics, subject behavior, first aid/CPR, subject evacuation, equipment, helicopter safety, and more.

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Trainees get first-hand experience on helicopter safety with a US Navy black hawk crew

Training begins at two different times each year:

Fall Training Season

Our regular training season begins in October, with trainings the first weekend of every month through March. You will go through three indoor classroom trainings and three outdoor trainings where you will be spending time and sleeping in the field. Following completion of your third training in December, you will be eligible to be called as a resource on in-county missions (provided you have finished all required certifications). Following completion of the final training weekend in March, you will be eligible to be called on any mission throughout Washington state.

2022-2023 Fall Training Season:

October 1-2 (Classroom)
November 5-6 (Classroom)
December 2-4 (Field)
January 7-8 (Classroom)
February 3-5 (Field)
March 3-5 (Field)

Click here for details about the training sessions.

Spring Training Season

There will not be a spring training option during the 2022-2023 training season.

Two youth Team Leaders pause during a wet December training