New completion of Wilderness Endurance Test!

What does a day hike mean to you? A couple miles? Five? Ten? Twenty? A strong hiker can cover 20+ miles in a day, which means our search and rescue members need to be able to cover that kind of distance too, and be able to assist someone in need at the end. To ensure … Continue reading New completion of Wilderness Endurance Test!

Summer Training 2018 Continued

Several hot and sweaty mock searches later and our trainees celebrate the successful end of summer training with some well deserved barbecue and cooling off in Wildcat Lake. Excellent start to our training season! Remember, there's still time to sign up to join our October training season start! Check out for details.

Summer Training 2018

Another summer, another class of trainees! We're spending our summer training out in the Wildcat Lake area, where trainees are learning various search types and techniques, maps and navigation, tool safety, and first aid and evacuation. Hard to tell yet whether this heat is better than the wet and cold of winter training!