Rash of searches, including 2 in Clallam County

Over the last 72 hours our searchers have responded to 3 different searches, 2 of which were in Clallam county. In the second day of this search we were called to our 3rd search for a missing gentleman. After a few hours he was located safely! Great job to all that were able to assist … Continue reading Rash of searches, including 2 in Clallam County

Port Orchard tornado response

One for the record books. Kitsap WESAR mobilized today at approximately 4:30pm to respond to the tornado in Port Orchard, the first tornado in Kitsap County since 1991. Almost 40 of our searchers joined law enforcement and fire in searching homes and properties in the area devastated by the tornado. It's been a humbling experience. … Continue reading Port Orchard tornado response

Grays Harbor evidence search

Write-up courtesy of Mason County Search and Rescue: Fun SAR fact: we don't just look for missing people. In fact, a large percentage of our searches are for evidence - often related to criminal cases that our members can't discuss with anyone. You see, when law enforcement needs to clear an area in a search … Continue reading Grays Harbor evidence search

Search for man with dementia in Port Orchard

Kitsap WESAR was called out at approximately 11pm last night to search for a missing man with dementia in the Port Orchard area. Our subject was located more than 10 miles away by a Pierce County deputy around 3am. Glad this one ended happily. And to our searchers who were up all night - more … Continue reading Search for man with dementia in Port Orchard