Port Orchard tornado response

One for the record books. Kitsap WESAR mobilized today at approximately 4:30pm to respond to the tornado in Port Orchard, the first tornado in Kitsap County since 1991. Almost 40 of our searchers joined law enforcement and fire in searching homes and properties in the area devastated by the tornado.

It’s been a humbling experience. Despite catastrophic property damage, so far there appear no fatalities or major injuries. Instead, what we’ve seen is our community quickly joining together to support one another. Neighbors helping neighbors clear driveways and share generators. Walmart donating food and bathrooms to our searchers. Starbucks dropping off two giant containers of coffee. A stranger showing up at our command post with pizza.

We’re proud to call Kitsap home and be a part of the amazing emergency response community. Give your loved ones an extra hug tonight and keep those impacted by this event in your thoughts.

2018-12-18 18.56.342018-12-18 18.46.11

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