Ashford search resumes after suspension of initial search efforts

Kitsap WESAR is headed back to Ashford tomorrow morning with a dozen searchers to resume the search for Mr. Kim. Our folks were on the ground for three of the five days that the initial phase of this search took place. Tomorrow, we hope to be part of the effort to finally bring him home. … Continue reading Ashford search resumes after suspension of initial search efforts

Exhaustive day at Ashford search

You guys are seriously rock stars. The first team in the field at 8:15 in the morning and the last one out at 9:15 at night. Grid searched 170 acres of swamp and the Incident Commander had a stroke when a he saw a group of teenagers walk in the door at the end of … Continue reading Exhaustive day at Ashford search

Ashford search still ongoing

Our searchers are back tired and muddy. The 77-year-old man remains missing in the Ashford area. The search continues tomorrow. FROM PIERCE COUNTY EXPLORER SEARCH AND RESCUE: This morning marked the start of the 3rd day of days and nights searching for a missing person in the shadow of Mt Rainier. The response and selflessness … Continue reading Ashford search still ongoing

Mother’s Day search near Cottonwood Elementary

Our searchers were called out about 1:30am this morning to East Bremerton to search for a missing 10-year-old girl near Cottonwood Elementary. We spent a few hours waking people up and located the missing girl just before dawn. Thank you to all the homeowners in the area for your understanding and help as we went … Continue reading Mother’s Day search near Cottonwood Elementary