WESAR Kitsap - All Breed Canine Search and Rescue  

Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) #69058



ABCSAR is the canine divistion of WESAR Kitsap.  As the name implies, all breeds of canines are accepted as long as they have the ability and desire to complete the mission.  Due to the partnership with WESAR, ABCSAR is one of the only canine search groups that has youth handlers.  ABCSAR members are required to complete the same training as all other WESAR Kitsap members in addition to canine training.  Becoming a certified team takes hundreds of hours devoted to training.

ABCSAR has two types of search dogs - Trailing and Air Scent. 

Trailing dogs follow a specific persons scent and tend to follow where the person walked.  They are called "trailing" dogs and not "tracking" dogs because they do not follow the person step by step.  If a trailing dogs comes across a newer track where the person crossed their own trail then the dog will follow the newest track.  They may even leave the trail completely if they catch the subjects scent on the wind.  The goal is to get to the specific person as quickly as possible by any means necessary.  Trailing dogs require a scent article such as a clothing item or pillow case.  In some cases we have even used toothbrushes.  

Air Scent dogs find any person.  This is extremely useful when there is a large wooded area or unpopulated are that needs to be cleared quickly.  Air scent dogs work off lead and roam far from their handlers.  They are trained to follow directions from a distance and to return and notify their handler when they find someone.





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