Washington Explorer Search and Rescue, Kitsap Unit  

Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) #69058


Washington Explorer Search and Rescue (WESAR) - Kitsap County Unit is an outdoor oriented volunteer service organization that has been volunteering its time and skills to the community since 1978. WESAR members are age 14 and above interested in helping others. The Unit is registered with the Washington State Department of Emergency Management (DEM).

Certified WESAR members are called upon by Washington State Sheriff office and National Parks at anytime of the day or night for DEM authorized missions anywhere within the County and throughout the State. Missions might include searching for lost persons or aircraft, rescuing injured persons, assisting in evidence searches, and helping with natural disasters. To become certified a member must complete seven challenging training weekends held during the winter months. To remain certified a member must keep their training and first aid requirements current. The Unit trains throughout the year in all weather conditions to develop proficiency and self confidence in search and rescue techniques. This training includes subjects such as first aid, map and compass, wilderness navigation, clothing and equipment, radio communications, and leadership. Unit members are never sent into the field alone. WESAR members ensure time to gather for fun activities like, hiking, backpacking, and snow outings.


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